Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a very rare disease that develops almost exclusively from medications that cause an adverse reaction in the patient. There are a few other causes such as radiation therapy, but medications are the primary causation in most situations. The disorder can be very painful and results in the same type of blisters among all of those who suffer with the medical problem. It is thought that the individuals who develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome reacted adversely to certain medications or treatments based on underlying problems with their auto immune systems that were not recognized beforehand. There is always a possibility that Stevens Johnson Syndrome could be the result of negligence by the treatment specialists and facility, so consulting with a Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer regarding a personal injury or wrongful death claim is advisable.

Symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome

The primary symptoms of SJS are sores and blisters that appear both externally and internally, and in rare situations can result in brain damage or death. The disease is closely akin to severe lupus. Typical cases only affect a small to intermediate part of the body, but some very acute cases can impact the entire body. HIV patients and those with autoimmune disorders are considered very high risk for developing the symptoms resulting from medications or treatment processes.

Recovery Potential with a Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer

Depending on the severity of the physical adverse response, the potential for a significant pain-and-suffering damage claim is available in practically every case, especially when the syndrome cannot be controlled. But, these are malpractice cases that are always strongly defended, requiring an experienced Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer to craft a solid case against any negligent actors.

Additional Legal Recovery Potential with a Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer

Not all cases of Stevens Johnson Syndrome are fatal, but there is a definite potential for wrongful death to occur. Those who survive can file malpractice claims against any negligent medical staff, including a treatment facility, when a Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer can prove negligence on the part of the respondents. Non-economic pain-and-suffering is included as compensatory damages in any Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit settlement, which is usually the major portion of the total amount. However, punitive damages can also apply in some cases and additional wrongful death claims can also e filed by family members for loss of consortium and future support of dependent minor children.

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