Do you have painful flu like symptoms, dehydration and severe skin problems? Has your skin become so damaged that it is peeling off and raw? Perhaps, you have contracted the Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Contact Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Lawyers today to find out about other cases that have settled and what type of compensation you can receive.

Rare Medical Skin Reaction

What exactly is the Stevens Johnson Syndrome? This is a rare, severe skin reaction. Many times, SJS is associated with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). In general, the skin starts to blister and peel, leaving horrible, painful raw areas behind. Complications of this severe skin malady could include dehydration, pneumonia or organ failure. How can experienced Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit lawyers help?

SJS Symptoms

First of all, you might not know, if you have this Stevens Johnson Syndrome. At first, the symptoms might include something similar to flu. Over time, you might become dehydrated, but not become too concerned. When your skin starts to deteriorate, then you are likely to become very worried. Secondly, pictures of the Stevens Johnson Syndrome show the severe damage it causes. You might become emotionally devastated, if you contract SJS. You might not know what to do. You might wonder what caused SJS. Thirdly, our experienced Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyers have closely followed the developments concerning this severe syndrome. You might be surprised to learn that some very common drugs can cause SJS or TENS: Advil, Aleve, Dilantin, Excedrin, Motrin and penicillin. You can discuss which drugs you have taken and whether they are on the list of potential causes. Fourthly, our Miami Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyers can help you get fair financial compensation.

Compensation May Be Awarded – Contact Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Lawyers

Of course, it can be difficult to believe that some of the most common drugs could cause such a severe, rare ailment. It seems a bit like a fluke, but studies have connected the two. Already, lawsuits have recovered more than $120 million for SJS and TENS victims. We, at the Law Firm Shamis & Gentile P.A. are specialized Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit lawyers and we can help you with a Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit settlement, if you wish. You did nothing wrong, so you may be due some financial compensation. With a well-qualified Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit lawyer – compensation may be awarded. Contact us to review the merits of your case. You can call us for free at 305-479-2299. Our Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit lawyers will charge NO fees unless a recovery is obtained. We are in this with you.