In recent years, Bactrim has been prescribed to fight the symptoms related to many digestive and metabolic problems. These problems include sepsis and traveler’s diarrhea. Bactrim is a synthetic that has been discovered to create harsh problems in people who have immune systems that are unable to deal with its introduction into the body. Many people have experienced side effects of this treatment that qualify for inclusion in recalls and settlements. Contact a Bactrim Lawyer and get the compensation your deserve.

One of the Worst Results of This Treatment – Bactrim Side Effects

There is a Bactrim lawsuit – Stevens Johnson syndrome lawsuit settlement that has arisen because of life-threatening conditions caused by this treatment. Stevens Johnson syndrome is a horrifying skin and metabolic condition that is caused by the introduction of sulfa-based substances into the body. The allergic response caused by these substances create incredibly difficult skin eruptions, as well as, extreme discomfort for patients. This syndrome affects the mucous membranes of the body, but also interferes with skin health.

Every Stevens Johnson syndrome attorney has addressed the needs of patients who have experience skin discoloration and blisters, swollen tongues and eyelids, and even bloody discharge from places like the eyes and ears. This is a painful reaction to the use of Bactrim, and is now the subject of many legal actions.

Being Part of the Bactrim Lawsuit Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Settlement

Going through the symptoms of this awful condition deserves attention. This is especially true if certain treatments were administered, without a doctor knowing if the treatment could result in life-threatening side effects. It is extremely important to enlist the assistance of a Bactrim lawyer who is aware of the pain and suffering that patients experience as a result of the misuse of this treatment. Determining the extent of the symptoms caused by treatment is up to a professional bactrim lawyer. This work will help determine if there is reason to seek compensation for medical expenses.

Need a Bactrim Lawyer – Call Stevens Johnson Syndrome Attorneys Today

Residents in Florida have the advantage of partnering with a Bactrim lawyer who is familiar with the Stevens Johnson settlement. Seeking counsel from Shamis & Gentile P.A. allows patients to receive a free case study and analysis of possible settlement benefits. A quick call to 305.479.2299 will put former patients in contact with lawyers who can help them navigate the details of benefiting from settlements. This type of consultation is completely free unless benefits are recovered. If a horrible condition like Stevens Johnson syndrome was the result of certain treatments, a portion of an industry settlement is due. Seek counsel from a lawyer who can help you secure the benefits you deserve.