Did you contract the dreaded Stevens Johnson Syndrome from common drug products? Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit – What can you recover? Learn about the latest developments concerning a Bactrim Lawsuit and contact a Bactrim Lawyer today!

Bactrim Lawsuit

One of the most surprising elements of the Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) may be how many common drugs may cause it. Now, courts are considering a Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuit settlement based on the drug, Bactrim. What can be recovered from a Bactrim lawsuit? Bactrim was created in 1973 and is an antibiotic. It has been linked to genetic defects, depression and SJS. The antibiotic works on the same Folic Acid that is essential for proper human baby development. Babies might suffer from brain, heart and lung problems, if their mother took the drug while pregnant. A lawsuit could use scientific studies that are linking the irreversible skin disorder, SJS with Bactrim. The FDA issued a warning in 2012 about the antibiotic. You can contact a Bactrim lawyer to represent you.

Bactrim Lawyer 

The Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a skin disorder that might start with flu-like symptoms, like a fever. Thereafter, you might suffer from a purplish-red rash that starts to blister. Unfortunately, when the skin grows back it might be bumpy or discolored. Treatment might take weeks or months. It could include hospitalization and the cessation of using the drug, which caused SJS. Besides antibiotics, there are also anti-gout, depression and pain relieving drugs that could cause SJS. It might be wise to contact a Bactrim lawyer. There also might be some genetic risk factors involved with SJS.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Bactrim Lawyer

It can be horrendous to suffer from Stevens Johnson Syndrome. You may be spending all of your time in the hospital, in a great deal of pain. Filing legal briefs yourself might be out of the question. That is why you should trust in the Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. We can help you gain the financial compensation, you deserve from this serious skin disorder and mucous membrane ailment. Our Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer can represent you during trial or negotiations. We can assign a Stevens Johnson Syndrome attorney to ensure that you receive justice for contracting this irreversible skin disorder, through no fault of your own. A Bactrim lawyer can help you navigate the treacherous legal waters. Contact us today to get on the track towards legal relief.