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Does Bactrim Cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome

We know it can be difficult when you suffer from the rare skin disorder, Stevens Johnson Syndrome. This irreversible skin mucous membrane ailment can change your entire life. You might find it difficult to consider a SJS lawsuit while you recover. You might not have time to track which drugs have been added to the list of causes. But, we can. You can concentrate on dealing with the red, purplish blisters. We can notify you that another drug has been listed as a cause: the antibiotic Bactrim. This antibiotic was created back in 1973 in Switzerland. Unfortunately, besides SJS, it has been linked to birth defects and depression. A Bactrim lawyer might point out that this antibiotic works on the same Folic Acid needed for healthy baby development. Back in 2012, the FDA issued a warning. So, why wasn’t anything done about this dangerous drug?

SJS: Rare Skin Disease

When you are suffering, you might not be able to think clearly. That is why you may need a Bactrim lawyer. We know what others have received for compensation. We can represent you during a SJS settlement negotiation or lawsuit. We have your back. This allows you to concentrate on recovery. You can file a Bactrim lawsuit stevens johnson syndrome lawsuit settlement. A Bactrim lawsuit can help pay for your medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. Add your name to the victims owed monies from the SJS lawsuit settlement.

Get Legal Relief

Life is difficult enough, you don’t need further difficulties due to a defective drug. Hire a Bactrim attorney to represent you during deliberations. Be strong. Justice is on your side. Our Miami based Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. has your Stevens Johnson Syndrome attorney. This Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer has followed the settlements and lawsuits. He is ready to give you the best representation during negotiation or trial. We are paid when you are paid. There are NO fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. You can call us today for a free consultation: 305-479-2299. We also offer a free case review online. We are on your side during this difficult time.