Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a very serious medical condition that can affect those who have it in several ways. It typically manifests as lesions, blisters, or sores in the mucous membrane areas of the body such as the nose, lips, mouth, respiratory or urinary tracts. Rashes and blisters are commonly a discomfort associated with the condition, which is also known as an immune complex hypersensitivity reaction to specific medications such as Bactrim. Flu-like symptoms can also appear such as a sore throat or headache, many times also including running a fever as well. Serious cases can also result in skin shedding when the syndrome manifests as a rash and resists medical treatment. These cases of Stevens Johnson Syndrome almost always occur due to error by a hospital staff or physician, meaning hat damages may often be collected with an experienced SJS lawyer representing the claim.

Bactrim Lawsuit Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit Settlement

Just as with any other personal injury malpractice claim, it is the responsibility of the injured plaintiff to prove the condition exists and is the result of negligence on the part of the treatment facility or physician. However, proving cases of the immune disorder can be a very complex legal task, always requiring the expertise of a SJS lawyer who knows what medical evidence is needed to support the legal claim. Respondents commonly defend strongly against the claim in many instances, and your Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer will know what to expect.

Why You Need a Bactrim SJS Lawyer

SJS cases are commonly the result of administering Bactrim, which has a known counter reaction with over 400 other drugs. An experienced Bactrim attorney will know what medical evidence is the most convincing from previous cases, many times negotiating a settlement without a full trial unless the case is egregious enough to establish gross negligence. Serious cases could result in a punitive damage award when a Stevens Johnson Syndrome attorney can prove the facility or physician knew the claimant had an immune disorder and continued to administer Bactrim medication. However, punitive damages may only be awarded by a jury following a full trial. For this reason, serious cases often do find a way to court when whole damages may be available.

SJS Lawyer in South Florida

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a very serious medical condition that often results in a significant financial award when the victim has the right legal counsel. Anyone in South Florida with Stevens Johnson Syndrome should contact the SJS Lawyer at Shamis & Gentile, P.A. in Miami for a full evaluation of a potential claim settlement.