The body is a complicated thing. Many things can go wrong. In the case of Stevens Johnson Syndrome, something disrupts the function of the skin and the body’s mucous membranes. At first the sufferer may only feel a bit unwell with symptoms like fever and pain. The syndrome then typically progresses. Bactrim side effects can cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Suffers will then get a rash that looks red or has a purple tinge. After this stage, the body will begin to shed top layer of the skin as it dies. Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a medical emergency that needs immediate care.

Getting Help – Bactrim side effects

Many things may trigger this syndrome such as medications like Bactrim. Bactrim side effects include this syndrome. If you or a loved one are victims of this syndrome in Miami, you will need to find a Bactrim lawyer as soon as possible. A Bactrim attorney can help any victim of SJS and TEN sort out their options. A Stevens Johnson syndrome attorney can help by offering victims access to important help. The Stevens Johnson syndrome lawyer can help any patient discover what options they have as they continue the recovery process. Recovering from this condition can be a long process. A patient may spend a long time under medical care as they work through it. In the process, the sufferer may wrack many thousands of dollars in medical bills that are not always fully covered by many forms of medical insurance. During this time, the patient may face the loss of wages as they are unable to work. If a child suffers from this syndrome, a parent may need to take a long leave of absence as their child goes through a highly prolonged period of recovery. Some patients may experience complications that can include blood infections, eye problems or permanent skin problems.

Skilled Assistance with Bactrim side effects

At our South Florida firm of of Shamis & Gentile P.A., we have the experience our clients need to combat the aftereffects of this sudden and debilitating syndrome. We urge sufferers to find out about the Bactrim side effects lawsuit stevens johnson syndrome lawsuit settlement. Those who gotten this condition in the past may also be eligible for such funding. Our skilled legal help makes it possible for our clients to get the compensation they need to pay their bills and truly move past the effects of this medical condition.